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Under the Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi Ah, this is another book that's difficult to review, so I'm not going to even bother giving it a star rating. It didn't take me long to finish the book (probably due to boredom as there's nothing else to really do except read), but I wouldn't exactly say I was excited and it was a definite page-turner. I felt that lots of scenes weren't necessary and only dragged out the book when Veronica could insert more character/romantic development or world building instead. As many other GR reviewers have pointed out, the world building was extremely sketchy. As a sci-fi/dystopia/apocalyptic (these are the general shelves I've seen for UtNS, but honestly I'm not sure how far this book can be categorized as such), the novel lacked explanation of the Aether storm (besides what is it, what triggers a storm?), why did our future world resort to Pods for safety, or why "Outsiders" are not apart of the Pods. With the title and the unsatisfying description of the Aether we got, I always imagined the starry universe and the Pods as different planets. Finding out that they can just travel on foot to another Pod (instead of flying in a space shuttle, which is what I had in mind) was disorienting and I finally realized this 70% into the book. Clarification is important, I see. Even an explanation for what Cinder is would be nice (other reviews tend to forget about him - I don't blame you; he's not exactly memorable really, but I thought I would throw it out there). As for the romance...It was *dramatic pause* love at first sniffI'm hilarious; don't judge meOverall, if you like unbelievable romances that cut to the chase in the romantic department and you like action scenes, you should read this book. As for me, I'm skeptical if I will continue with this series though I'll probably go to the prequel about Roar and Liv because ROAR.