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Touched - Corrine Jackson Let me start of this review by saying that I was ready numerous times to not finish this book. Not a great way to start a review, right? but whatever, bear with me The romance seemed cheesy to me, mostly because I felt like their love declarations were coming up too fast, so I just found their love unbelievable. The main reason why I continued reading til the end was because of my morbid curiosity to see if my predictions were right (naturally, they were *scoffs*). From other reviews, many people compared this novel to Twilight, and while I can definitely see why they draw up that comparison, I liked the idea that a person could heal, but absorb the injuries in order to do so. I liked Remy - to a certain point. I liked how she wants to defend herself and not be a damsel in distress. At the same time, I didn't care for the narrative voice, which I can mostly blame on the writing. I haven't heard any teenager ever say "frick" as an expletive, and I was disappointed with how unnatural some of the characters acted or talked. I would have liked to hear more about Remy (what does she like to do when she's not studying and spending time with Asher, ect.), but we met our hero too soon in the novel in my opinion for us to get further development for our heroine. One thing that bothered me also was I didn't understand our villain's motives. It was futile to try to understand motives though apparently, because the villain is just batshit crazy and kept changing plans of what to do to Remy for me to keep up with it. One minute Gabe wants to "get revenge" on her (for what, pray tell?) and the next, he wants to give her to the Protectors for money. In the end he was going to push her off a cliff. Where is the sense in that?