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Waterfall - Lisa Tawn Bergren Sorry, this review does contain spoilers! Overall, Waterfall was an enjoying read, especially for those who like strong heroines and chivalry. PlotWhen Gabi firsts goes to the tunnel and convinces her sister, Lia, to go with her, it seems a bit unbelievable in motive, like it's Bergren's way to set things in motion. I suppose the whole but-we'd-never-get-to-see-this-tomb-otherwise! is not too much of a stretch, it wasn't believable enough for me. (I guess looking back though, Gabi is on the rebellious side.)Other than the beginning, the plot was relatively fast paced with the purpose of finding Lia and going home. I also think that Bergren did a good job incorporating a modern perspective on 1332 Italia. CharactersLet's start with our heroine. Blame it on my American-centroism, but my initial thought was that Gabi was American, and I just couldn't believe that she could speak fluent medieval Italian from reading Dante. Yeah, right if only it were so easy. Anyway it later occurred to me (also her last name is Italian) that she's had lots of exposure to it. So I let it pass. And while I admired her bravery and wide set of talent, I wondered how she can wield 30 lb swords, read Latin, horseback riding and who knows what else. Riiiight. I do like how she's both strong (mentally, physically) while being vulnerable too. One more thing before I move on, it really irked me how she stated at the beginning that she doesn't usually cry, but then it felt like she cried all the time. I understand she's under a lot of stress but stating that first made it soo noticeable every time Gabi cries from meeting fathers or whenever Marcello says something achingly perfect. Marcello. I don't even know what to say about you; you're too idealistic for every girl who ever lived. You're charming, handsome, dedicated, and a real gentleman. But I happen to like my characters with more flaws. Just me?Lady Romana Rossini pissed me off when we first meet her. She's the type to act innocent around others but really is a schemer to be acknowledged with. Apparently stereotypical YA mean girls were around since 1332 as well. I grew to like her character more when I saw how much she wanted nothing to be in the way between her engagement with Marcello, but she doesn't want random cruelty (for the sake of being the antagonist) to happen to Gabi either. RomanceAlthough many of you would probably disagree, I was not convinced that Gabi and Marcello truly loved each other. For one, they spent barely a week together, and that is too short of a time period to know someone and fall in love with him. Yes, I know Romeo and Juliet's story took place in 3 days and they're the classic example of love Indeed, Marcello wasn't even aware that his one true love is from a different time period till the very end of the book! So while I can't buy that they're in love, I can't deny the attraction either. Marcello clearly admires Gabi for independent thinking and for her bravery when yielding a weapon to defend others. At the same time, our heroine is attracted to him for his chivalry (and we 21st century girls will admit it's quite rare or at least incomparable to whatever Gabi experienced) and his oh so handsome face. My point is, with more time these two could have truly been in love once they knew each other more.That said, I'm also hypocritical because I found it absolutely endearing when Luca first saw Lia and instantly became infatuated with her. As I said, I'm a hypocrite. I keep saying how parts of this novel is unbelievable, but I'll admit...I must have said "nay" and who knows what so many times to my mom in the duration of reading this book!