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Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake I'm done....When I read Anna Dressed In Blood, I fell in love with the characters, the plot, and how original the story was. A few months later, I slightly forgot the glory of Blake's novel, and so, this one swept me off my feet once again.The character development between the two books in this series is amazing. Cas starts out as the lonely ghost-hunter with no roots, but he learns how to trust his new BFFs - Carmel and Thomas. Blake uses show-not-tell so the reader can look back on Cas' development when he feels betrayed and even like a third wheel with his friends, which he would have never known to feel beforehand. Thomas was a great friend and character, who was always loyal even when - let's admit - Cas seemed completely reckless, but Thomas stood by his side to watch his back. As for Carmel, certain times I did get a bit annoyed and sad by her actions, but you can't really blame her for being overwhelmed by the paranormal. Still, I loved how protective she was of Cas and Thomas, and her funny grouchy attitude. Then, there's Jestine. Basically, she's suspicious to those who are paranoid (like me and Cas).The plot was intriguing as ever. Blake truly keeps up the suspense and Girl of Nightmare lives up (if not surpasses) the horror level and reputation of Anna Dressed in Blood. To be honest, I didn't feel so scared when I read the first one; the sequel was another story. At one point of the novel, I was really scared shitless, so much that I had to put down the book and walk away from all the creepy dead things happening in the book. The end of the book also left me in tears, but I am very satisfied with it, and I'm glad that the series isn't going to be dragged out like some others that I know.