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Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout I've always had mixed feelings on this series because it's almost impossible to ignore all the similarities it has to Vampire Academy. However, I continue reading it because it's entertaining, it gives me nostalgia with VA, and each book has more originality (to an extent) than VA. While Deity did deviate from the VA plotline much more, I was still skeptical reading it the whole time. The writing and insults could have been better and more mature (instead of "daimon-butt!") and at times I couldn't take the characters seriously.Spoilers below:- I didn't really care for how the gods were portrayed to act and dress like teenagers/young adults. Artemis was actually wearing pink camouflage cargo pants and a hot pink tank top, and Hades repeated called Alex "luv" (spelled this way too). I'm not sure where Armentrout was trying to go with this characterization, but I don't think the gods, who have been around since forever, should be at this level of maturity. I don't know how Rick Riordan pulled off gods in a mortal setting without ruining my entire perception of them, but I couldn't find myself to respect the gods in this book.- I'm a bit in disbelief that Seth would buy into Lucian's plots so easily. I liked Seth a lot because Aiden seemed like a Dimitri-but-not-as-awesome-Dimitri to me, so it was such a twist that he's actually evil. It seems like his motivation to take power from the gods isn't good enough: he's only doing it for Lucian's approval and reorganize society so mortals are their servants. He doesn't seem to care enough about half-bloods to truly want to advocate a better life for them, so I'm not convinced by his motives. In the end, I'm deciding not to give any star rating. As always, this series was entertaining because there was always action, but there were too many issues for me to give it a stellar review. Hope it improves in the following books!