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Hallowed - Cynthia Hand May contain spoilers.Unearthly had truly surprised me with what a good angel book looked like. I noticed that angel books often have a lot of unraveling-what-it-means-to-be-an-angel, good vs. evil, fulfilling your destiny, romance, ect. Luckily, Cynthia Hand balances all of that within this series. The WritingGiven that the book is written in first person, I loved the fact that the book wasn't bogged down by too many descriptions. Hey, I love poetic descriptions of scenery (especially if it's the scenic mountains of the Grand Teton), but it was very believable that we are experiencing the world from Clara's point of view, and not some over-thinking teenager who talks a whole paragraph about snow. The pacing was also good - it didn't feel rushed nor agonizingly slow.The CharactersWhile reading the book, I found myself sympathizing with a lot of the characters, even Samjeeza. Much like Clara, I could feel his sorrow and I really believed that he loved her mom, even if that love is unrequited. I felt pity for him because he was simply trying to get Maggie's/Meg's attention even if he does sick things like provoke Clara so she could ram him with her car . Through Clara, we experience quite a ride. She, understandably, gets frustrated that her mom only reveals limited information about angels and her own purpose. However, we get a lot of answers in this book that we were left wondering about in Unearthly. All these revelations between meeting the congregation, the fact that her mom's dying and her dad being an angel have a big impact on Clara, and it was a wonder why her head didn't explode from all these sudden truths. Although Clara seemed self-consumed at times, I thought she handled the stress of being an angel appropriately.I found myself getting kind of pissed off at Jeffrey. He was so full of angst, and while I guessed his anger was caused by his purpose and Clara's, I wished that he had a better attitude because, you know, his mom is dying. Hallowed must be at least the third book this year that I've read where the supportive brother from the first book turns evil/angsty in the second one. So all I could think while reading this, was really? Despite all this, I did feel a bit sympathetic for Jeffrey too, because he always seemed to be ignored by his family (who for the most part, focused more on Clara). Still, he brought this neglect on himself by shutting them out. And how irresponsible was he when he ran away??? The RomanceOne reason why I love Clara: look at how she handled this situation.Tucker shakes his head. "Dude, don't make me knock you around in here. I don't want to mess up my tux."A muscle ticks in Christian's cheek. I get an I-could-kick-your-sorry-butt-if-I-wanted-to vibe from him, clear as day.God. Men.I step between them."No offense, Tuck," I say , turning to him, "but I am not a piece of meat, okay? Stop growling over me. I can handle myself."I turn to Christian. "No," I say simply. "Thank you for the offer, but I have a date."Not only did Clara break up a fight between her two guys, she points out that they are being too possessive of them. I just read the Nightshade series and Calla can take some points from Clara. Furthermore, she doesn't agree to dance with Christian just to spite Tucker for his attitude, but she says "no" to Christian and stays loyal to her boyfriend. You guys have no idea how much I appreciate this part.While I know most people who read this series are Tucker fans, I find myself kind of conflicted. In love triangles, I always try to think about who's best for the lucky heroine, not just who I personally prefer. In this case, I like how much at ease Clara is with Tucker (vs. being really awkward around Christian) and how he can offer her an escape from worrying over angel issues by being in nature. By contrast, Christian's also good for Clara because they strengthen each other and Christian actually understands the angel stuff Clara's going through. He stays by her and waits patiently while she grieves over her mom. He manages to keep a distance while letting Clara know that he's there if she wants him to be. Frankly, I found this support to be strong enough to be a full-on Christian fan (while I still like Tucker). Anyway, if you loved Unearthly, you should definitely keep with the series. Can't wait for the next one!