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Divergent  - Veronica Roth Contains some spoilers!Overall, the book was pretty good, but I gotta admit I didn't love it. So many people recommended Divergent to me, so when I finally started reading it, I had high expectations. Action, romance, dystopias - I love them. But honestly? It didn't stand out that much. Many people compare it to The Hunger Games series and I can see why. The whole plot line is based on revolution and overthrowing the current government. However, it's a bit different: in most dystopias, the government is an evil, evil, mind-controlling organization, and it's clear that it must be shut down. In Divergent, it was harder to differentiate the bad guys and the good guys, which I guess adds kudos to the author. My biggest problem with the novel is there's not that big of a connection between the characters, and a few of them lacked depth. Peter is the bully, who's practically the stereotypical "mean-girl" that you see in every story nowadays. And although Christina gave a good first impression, she was a horrible friend. She would get jealous of Tris and didn't support her unless Tris showed weakness. And really, Al and Will were exactly the same. Speaking of Will, did Tris really have to kill him? Given that she was distressed over the death of her mom and everything going on with Tobias, she still found it necessary to kill him. Did it occur to her that she could somehow take off the mind control and still save his life? No. I'm sorry if I'm missing something, but I don't think I could kill my friend off just like that. I just want to add one more thing. What's with girls asking the guy why did he "chose" her out of everyone else? Bella's doing it, now Tris is doing it (and I can't think of any more examples as of the moment :/). Seriously, can these girls not have more self-confidence in themselves? I love strong heroines, and I know Tris is pretty tough, but it still bugs me in ways I can't explain. I still think Divergent has a lot of potential, and please don't just write me off as a hater. Three stars = "I like it." And despite everything I wrote in the above, I did enjoy it (I just tend to criticize). I simply feel that there's a lot of questions unanswered (I know I didn't address this earlier, but I really don't feel like getting into it), and the characters could've came out stronger. Nonetheless, I'll probably read Insurgent anyway.