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Vain - Fisher Amelie Actual rating: 2.5 stars Basically Sophie about Ian:I'm sorry I couldn't help myselfOkay, so just some quick points...Things I liked:- Character development: I was really impressed by Sophie's complete turn around in character. It started with her self-realizations while she was still in California that she didn't want to be the person she currently was, but she didn't know how to change it. As the story goes on, you see how much she truly loses her selfishness and starts caring for the children and the caretakers in Uganda. Her relationship with Pembrook also showed how much she changed throughout the story, and I liked how he continued to encourage her.- Africa setting: It's not often that I get to read a book that takes place in Africa. I liked the incorporation of the LRA and the happenings in Africa that can spread awareness to the readers. Amelie should have mentioned Invisible Children though. Things that could have been improved:- The romance: Don't get me wrong, I liked Ian! However, when he explained to her why he loved her, he basically described all the lusty reasons of why he would love her. For example:“That might be when I first became aware. Possibly it’s the way your jeans hug your thighs every timeou take a single step though. All I can think of when you’re around me are those damn legs, how they’d feel in my palms, how they’d feel wrapped around my waist.”Now I don't doubt that Ian truly loved Sophie, but this whole speech from here is just about her sexiness! She has so many more redeeming qualities since she came to Uganda, but he disappointed me when he didn't mention her new selflessness or caring nature for the children. Wasn't that the whole point of the novel?- One more thing: I don't know how these people function if they are surrounded by such good looking companions. Sophie and Ian are caught in gunfire, and all she can think about is how sexy he is protecting her. Sigh. Shouldn't you be more concerned about not getting shot, Sophie? So lusty, man.