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The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting The book was pretty much what I already expected, so therefore I didn't have too high of expectations for it to be disappointed, and to me, it wasn't a bad book. There are seriously worst books I've read out there. Violent's talent is...morbid. But unlike all the angel and vampire stories taking over the world these days, her gift is a new, refreshing idea. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but you usually don't come across this too often). However, I sort of wished it left some psychological impact on Violet. How can anyone be okay with detecting dead bodies for their whole life? Even dead animals. As I said, morbid. And why did Derting not even attempt to explain this gift? All we know is that her power of sensing dead bodies is from her grandmother, so it must be hereditary. Is Derting not going to give any more explanation than "I was born that way"? It also seems strange that everyone who knew about it accepted it and never bothered to question it. Secondary Characters: Violet's friends added nothing to the story, but her family's characteristics were good. I liked the fact that Violet's parents and uncle were so concerned about her (as they should be!), instead of being one of those ignorant absent parents that are all over YA nowadays. Her friends, on the other hand, did nothing for the plot. I kept hoping that one of them would get kidnapped (and I guess this means she would eventually die) to add suspense to the plot. But no. They were just there to show that Violet wasn't lonely when Jay was hanging out with Lissie, or whatever her name is. They were just there to point out the obvious that Jay and Violet should be together. The fact that they stayed too consistent the whole book bothered me a bit too. You have the tom-boy athlete (who I guess changed in the end, but that's not the point), the friend who insults everyone and doesn't care, and the talkative naive one that everyone shuts out or babies. Blerghhhh.All in all, the The Body Finder wasn't bad. [Note that I rated it 3 stars.] Violet wasn't a whiny character (thank God). For the most part, she was pretty independent and didn't excessively whine about her Jay-problems and her serial-killer-problems. The suspense could have improved on Derting's part, as I did not feel as paranoid as I ought to be after a book like this. Honestly though? I can't believe there's a sequel to this. It would have been fine to leave off as it was, and how much could you do in a second novel?