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Timepiece - Myra McEntire Spoilers of Hourlgass ahead!If you are about to read Timepiece, make sure you remember what happened in book one. I thought I did, but I made the mistake of starting Timepiece only to realize that I really didn't and I had to quickly reread the first one again.This was literally my reaction:"AVA KILLED YOUR DAD!?!?!?"I also couldn't remember what Cat did to betray everyone. This is more than a slight problem.Anyway, I enjoyed Kaleb's POV much more than Emerson's. Because of his ability, he was very in-tuned to other's feelings and his development as a character of using his abilities for good and not evil was nice of McEntire. And compared to Emerson, who was jealous of Ava and alluded her to be a slut, Kaleb is much less judgemental and he's actually trying to help Ava more after what happened in Hourglass. However, I think some of the angst he had didn't belong. Knowing his history between his mom, his dad's death, and the problems he has from being an empath, Kaleb is certainly entitled to be very emotional. But really, I didn't really see the point to having Dune be a possible conflict/love interest for Lily, which only caused pointless drama and jealousy for Kaleb when nothing real even happened between Lily and Dune. For some time, I also couldn't tell if Kaleb loved Emerson because he seemed constantly jealous of Michael and it seemed beyond-friend behavior. :/ Speaking of Lily...whewwww she's one heck of a character. She was strong, independent, and fiercely loyal to Emerson. Her personal past was interesting, and I liked how everyone respected her grandmother's wishes to keep her ability a secret (as true friends should do!). I would also like a round of applause for this girl because Lily is quick in thinking up plans to gain the upperhand. She's sly when bending the rules instilled by her abuela and when she deals with the villains. I believe she also makes really good coffee. Overall, I could use a Lily.Other notes:Is it just me, or does anyone else have a hard time seeing Michael and Kaleb as best friends once upon a time? In my rereading of Hourglass, I noticed how there just seems to be constant , insecurity and jealousness between them, and though their friendship seems to be improving in this novel, I find their friendship hard to buy. Hmm, I realize this review seems to mostly rant about the characters (exception of Lily because Lily is awesome), but it was overall a good sequel with nice pacing and interesting concepts about time-travel.